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A dynamometer is a vital requirement for any efficient and reputable service or repair facility. A necessity to meet manufacturers standard and enable “end of product” questionnaires to be completed.

In today’s environment it cannot be judged a luxury. It is a recommendation by engine manufacturers who are conscious of both the environment and ensuring that they give their end users a product and service on which they can depend. With operating costs escalating in all aspects where the diesel or petrol engine is used, excessive downtime, especially come-backs cannot be tolerated, in addition to causing a financial drain which customers and facilities cannot live with.

A dynamometer, especially a non-fixed base item, will pay for itself in a short period of time. It will allow the engine to be tested under load (even in the chassis) where the majority of the faults will occur. Problems that arise, which can lead to come-backs, are usually diagnosed within the first hours of operation under load. Dynamometer testing can isolate these problems, verify repairs, while at the same time establishing power levels.

The ability to pin point problems through objective testing rather than by opinions is the dynamometers biggest advantage

The portable Piper engine dynamometer has several advantages over the conventionally mounted dynamometer:

– Inexpensive to install
– Can be mounted directly on the engine bellhousing or with adaptors directly after the transmission
– Easier to pin-point performance losses – as drive train is not subjected to load
– Ideal for investigative projects
– The reasons for a Dynamometer facility can be summarised as follows: Trouble shooting and problem isolation
– Reduces come back
– Power complaint verification
– Fluid leak detection
– Cooling system check-out
– Smoke test + emission analysis
– Adjustment of injection equipment under load to optimize fuel economy
– Run in after overhaul
– Inexpensive for feasibility studies
– Easy to use and flexible in attachment
– No civil engineering costs to be incurred as associated with fixed bed dynamometer
– Can be used for “In chassis” testing
– Keeps quality control on your facility